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Earn the Freedom and Safety of Dual Citizenship
Because giving up your German nationality is just not an option!
GERMAN DUAL CITIZENSHIP, LLC will guide you and legally represent you throughout the entire Beibehaltungsgenehmigungs (BBG) (retention certificate) process, every step of the way.
We have assisted our German clients with this process for nearly a decade.
We have a 100% approval success rate.
Let us help you gain the safety and freedom of dual citizenship.
We are also one of the very few law firms that handle BBGs and practice US immigration law and offer assistance in the United States naturalization process and other selective immigration matters. You would have the convenience of having one attorney guide you through the entire BBG and US Naturalization process.
For more information about non BBG-related US Immigration Law and Criminal Defense issues, please visit us at our sister law firm Magna Law Group, PLLC, which handles most aspects of immigration and criminal defense law.
We offer free no-obligation consultations to individuals and comprehensive informational presentations to groups.
We offer family discounts and reduced package deals for the BBG & Naturalization process.
We handle cases nationwide!
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